Purpose of this website

Welcome along to my website and blog. I thought the best way to start this digital adventure was like any adventure and outline why I am doing it and what I want the outcome to be.

Why: So, why teach myself how to make a website and provide a platform for me to put myself on, as they say in ’10 Things I Hate About You’, Planet Look at Me, Look at Me? Well, I’ve been very privileged in my life so far and been the recipient of great opportunities and generous people sharing their expertise and time with me so that I can become a better version of myself and contribute more to society. I felt it was time I started sharing my own experiences and wanted to reach more people in a manner that was more acceptable than shouting out loud in public spaces or public forums. So, a website and a blog combination it is. Ideally, this platform serves three purposes:

  • Share my own personal trips, exploits, training and lessons I’ve learnt with others
  • Share my personal insights and ideas generated from researching other people’s trips and achievements. Not every one has the time to listen to as many podcasts, watch Youtube or read books as I do so I hope to condense what information I’ve found thats publicly available into little snippets of wisdom.
  • Opens up other doors. I have typically been reticent to share my own personal stuff on the internet (I even had no social media for 18 months) because I was uncomfortable with how much time I wasted on it and didn’t believe it was of any use. However, in life, it’s often the things that we don’t do, but should be doing, that hold the key to self-improvement in unique ways. Hence, I’ve gone down the path of jumping online in a form that I’m comfortable will work a lot better than the cess-pool of Facebook.

Desired Outcome:
What will success look like? This is a common question I ask myself before beginning any campaign/project/training regime. It gets me to visualise the end product and therefore identify what work is needed to be done to make the end product possible. I hope that this blog and the website develop into providing:

  • A consistent audience of at least 50-100 readers with content to read and peruse with new content being published at least once a month
  • An avenue for developing my freelance instructing business into a stable business that might grow to allow me to employ a few mates one day
  • The ability for me to generate income through my ‘coaching’ service and the provision of my spare room on Airbnb. Both income streams allow me to work remotely and continue earning money whilst I go away from the Flinders Ranges to complete trips.

And there you have it folks, the purpose behind this website and blog! If at any point you think I have strayed from this initial outline then please be honest and tell me. By sharing this I am hoping to be kept accountable to my current beliefs but also am aware that they may change over time (if I was told to make a website a year ago I would’ve tried out some French language on you…). And, at the very least, I’ve learnt the process of creating a website which is kind of like snowboarding, I fell a lot on my bum to start with but then actually doing it is pretty simple (but mastering it is another whole game).

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