Climbing Guiding

Local climbing guide based in the Flinders Ranges.

I have been climbing since 2010 and have a wide range of experiences to draw on when working with clients. I have worked with lots of school groups as well as helping my peers improve their climbing performance from low Grade 20’s to reaching mid-high Grade 20’s. I am passionate about teaching climbing to others because it has taught me a lot of transferable life skills. Climbing is also a great way to improve your functional fitness as a session out at the crag naturally involves using all the muscles in your body in getting to the top of the climb. All abilities are welcome, the only requirement is that you are more than 12 years old and are keen to give it a go! I offer guiding at the Flinders Ranges three main climbing destinations as described below. Each session will include a brief safety talk and all equipment necessary for the activity. Other than that, each session can be tailored to suit your individual needs, goals and group size so please get in touch to find out what I can offer.

Warren Gorge

Suitable for: Beginners to Intermediate
Fitness Required: Low. The climbing venue is within 60 seconds walk of your car.
Ideal session duration: 1.5-3 hrs

What can be offered:
– 4-6 climbs of low difficulty
– 4-6 climbs of medium difficulty
– Abseil with a great photo opportunity

Prices from: $20 per person

Devils Peak

Suitable for: Everyone
Fitness Required: Medium. The walk-in is about 30-45 minutes long.
Ideal session duration: 2-6 hours.

What can be offered:
– 2-3 climbs of low difficulty
– 10+ climbs of medium difficulty
– 2-4 climbs of advanced difficulty
– Abseil with a great photo opportunity
– Excellent bouldering options
– Great walking and scrambling

Prices from: $35 per person


Suitable for: Intermediates to Advanced
Fitness Required: Medium. The walk-in is about 30-45 minutes long.
Ideal session duration: 4-10 hours.

Only suitable for people who have had a session at either Warren Gorge or Devils Peak (or are already an experienced climber). Moonarie is the best place to climb in SA. It is often described as an intimidating and wild place. Having climbed here extensively I can provide guidance on the best routes to choose, take you on a few of my favourites and ensure you leave without your tail between your legs…

Prices from: $50 per person

Under Fraser’s tutelage I have gone from having zero outdoor climbing experiences to leading grade 25 + and endeavouring on adventure climbing expeditions on my own accord .

Brodie, former beginner and now a rock climbing guru