I live in Quorn, in the Flinders Ranges of South Australia, a 4 hour drive from Adelaide. My house is a simple, functional three bedroom home with a large open living area, large shed, and even larger backyard with an established native garden. The Heysen and Mawson trails are within 100m of my front door and Quorn’s pubs, IGA, Post Office and other amenities are within a ten-minute walk. Staying with me or at my house can give you the opportunity to:
– Focus on your outdoor pursuit without any distractions from your normal home environment. Running, climbing and mountain biking opportunities are endless within a 40 minute drive. Think of ‘Rocky IV’, ‘Kickboxer’ or East African running camps for some inspiration on the performance benefits of similar training retreats.
– Relax in a small country town that has the basic amenities needed within walking distance.
– Try your hand at gardening or building on whatever current home improvement project I’ve got on the go!

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